About Us - A Note From the Editor

   I come from Woodhaven Michigan, which it is a small town just outside of Detroit.
The house where I grew up had a good size garden where we grew fresh
vegetables to use in the kitchen. I have many memories of turning the soil and
mixing in ashes to prepare the garden for the new season. This was the birth of my green thumb and was an early influence that stayed with me through the years.
   My parents made a point to always eat dinner as a family no matter how busy
our schedules were. This created an extra focus on food and how cooking
brought people together. For us, Friday night was pizza night. In the beginning, we

ordered from a local place. When I was around ten years old, my sister Sandy and

I started making the pizzas each Friday. Thinking back, this was something I really

looked forward to. Cooking with my sister who was 18 months older, and eating as

a family.
   As a published author, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to write articles for fourteen different magazines. My dream is to take this experience and
grow Gourmet America into a resource where professional chefs, home cooks, and
backyard grill masters can share recipes and secrets on how to make amazing food. Through doing this, new memories with family and friends will be created.
Thank you all for being part of this journey! 

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Ron Bearer